Authentication at its best.

Use Digi-ID to login to your accounts or integrate it in your website today.

Empowering user authentication with blockchain tech.

Blockchain-backed cryptography
The Blockchain has shown over the last 9 years that it's not crackable, thanks to amazing mathematics, encryption, and unfathomably large numbers.
Resistance to cyber threats
Because it's not enough to just have a Username / Password / SMS. You need to be totally safe!
Seamless & quick integration
Just install one of our ready-built plugins and you're good to go! Or, you can create your own plugin for your own service.
Lifetime free service
We won't charge you to use Digi-ID, offer it to users, we won't show ads, and there's no catch!

Find out more.

Why not just start by reading our one-page darkpaper? It's the perfect document to read if you want to understand the gist of Digi-ID. It is available in several languages. Or just keep scrolling.

Access in the DigiByte app.

It is completely free & you don't need to own any DGB!

So, it works like this.

Generation 1

The website/app generates a unique & Digi-ID QR code and presents it.

Scanning 2

The user scans the QR through the Digi-ID function of the DigiByte Wallet.

Authentication 3

The user authenticates the request by entering their PIN or scanning their fingerprint.

Confirmation 4

Digi-ID sends the cryptographically-signed request back to the website/app and the user is successfully logged in.

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